Introducing Anti-Unionol A new long-lasting anti-worker suppository

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  • Drastically reduces economic equality and the middle class.

  • 10/10 CEOs recommend Anti-Unionol to their workers.

  • Time-released effects ensure that the 1% continue to take in a greater share of the nation's wealth.

  • Fast-acting formula decimates wages and benefits and a secure retirement!

  • Certified and approved by Koch Brothers Laboratories.

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Unions prevent the middle class from getting screwed

This graph is pretty much all you need to know

Sources: Union membership rate is from Barry T. Hirsch, David A. Macpherson, and Wayne G. Vroman, "Estimates of Union Density by State," Middle class share of aggregate national income includes the second, third and forth income quintiles and is from the United States Census Bureau's Current Population Survey (Shares of Aggregate Household Income by Quintile)

One reason why unions aren’t popular with the 1%

Source: Analysis by Colin Gordon of Historical Statistics of the United States,, Picketty and Saez 2003 and The World Top Incomes Database. Colin Gordon is Professor of History at the University of Iowa and a Senior Research Consultant at the Iowa Policy Project.

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This revolutionary new anti-worker suppository decimates wages AND benefits AND a secure retirement! #1u
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