Diana Moon Glampers Alternate Ending

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In was then that Diana Moon Glampers, the Handicapper General, came into the studio with a double-barreled ten-gauge shotgun. She fired twice, and the Emperor and the Empress were dead before they hit the floor… they thought. The bult had hit Harrison square in the Heart. But for the dancer it hit right below skimming her lungs. She was still alive. Diana Moon Glampers loaded the gun again. She aimed it at the musicians and told them they had ten seconds to get their handicaps back on. It was then that the Bergerons television tube burned out. Hazel turned to comment about the blackout to George. But George had gone into the kitchen for a can of beer. Hazel fell to the floor in tears. Sobbing for her son, whom she barely got to know. Hoping he wasn’t gone forever. Yet she …show more content…
“everything is fine.” But everything wasn’t fine at least as she knew it. For all she knew her son was dead. Back at the studio Diana called for the conaner people to come pick up the body. It took about five strong men to even drag Harrison’s body into the back of the coroner van. Well, I single man carried the dancer out on the stracher. The man was shocked when he saw her chest slightly go up and down. She wasn’t dead like he thought. “It’s okay, you’re going to be okay. I promise.” mumbled the man. She cracked open her eyes to see him staring down at her, with a slight smile. When all of the sudden Diana walked by and saw the slip of the dancers eye. She walked right up to the worker dragging her stretcher out of the studio. Moon glanced over and saw the dancers eyes open as she was loaded in the ambulance . She glared and grumbled under her breath, “Oh I’ll get you soon, yah little brat.” In the car the paramedic worker put a oxygen mask on her. Well he was checking her
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